When Lincoln Townley created a portrait to celebrate the life and career of Michael Caine, never in a million years could he imagine getting the chance to show it to him and talk him through the process! Lincoln said, “I felt an immediate affinity for my subject, I grew up watching films like Get Carter, The Italian Job and The Man Who Would be King. Above all, it is Michael Caine’s authenticity and power that fascinates me. He rose from working class roots and without any formal training to become the most iconic British film actor of the twentieth century.”

The enduring appeal of Michael Caine is reflected in the fact that Townley, who has painted many of Hollywood’s leading icons, decided to paint two portraits in one with the young and present Michael Caine sharing the canvas.

Townley said, “It’s the only way I felt I could pay tribute to the presence of an extraordinary man who’s as cool now as he was in his youth.”The two men spent a leisurely afternoon at the legendary actor’s home after
which Michael Caine said, “There is no doubt in my opinion that Lincoln is the next Andy Warhol.” Lincoln added: “Michael was so welcoming. He asked me where I worked. I told him I painted in my garage because I liked the absence of natural light. He said, ‘You’ll create your own light, Lincoln.’ That was so generous of him.”

Townley’s reputation is at an all-time high and he is flying to Los Angeles shortly where he will be auctioning his portrait of Keanu Reeves at a show in Santa Monica. He is also due to be commissioned to paint at least one more Hollywood icon.

Lincoln Townley is a world-renowned British artist – known for his ability to capture the creative and sometimes turbulent energies that drives the world’s most iconic stars to perform at the peak of their powers. He has been
commissioned to paint many of the world’s biggest stars and his work has been exhibited at major international galleries including the National Gallery and the Royal Academy of Arts in London. In October 2015, he was commissioned by BAFTA LA to paint the six Honorees at the Britannia Awards.  His work can be seen at the Maddox Gallery in Mayfair London ( and Art Angels in Los Angeles (

BOWIE by Lincoln TownleyLincoln has recently painted a portrait of David Bowie which has caused quite a stir. In fact, Lincoln’s portrait of Bowie has seen bids of £250k as Bowie mania continues to drives up sales.

A recovering alcoholic, he has donated works to many charities and divides his time between London and Los Angeles. For more information and to see more of Lincoln’s work visit

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