Hypnotherapy and our Emotions


HYPNOTHERAPY for emotional issues – when should you seek help? 

Women UK talk to our Hypnotherapy Expert, Donna Kenny about how Hypnotherapy can help with our emotional issues. Donna Kenny

Life can kick us around. But only if we allow it to. We always have choice.

Have you lost your direction? 

As a hypnotherapist my role is to remind clients that they have a choice, when they may feel they’ve lost direction. To offer them hope once again. We aren’t resistant to professional help with a practical issue.

If the roof leaks we don’t get up there and fix it ourselves. We get someone who is experienced and has tall ladders. But often we aren’t as proactive with an emotional issue in terms of seeking much needed help. We mask it by often over eating, over spending, ‘over’ doing anything, to ignore the deeper problem. We can’t always cope alone. Well-meaning friends and family can offer support but often don’t challenge us to enable us to make the necessary change and move forward.

What does a hypnotherapy session involve?

My style of hypnosis is a three in one treatment;

  1. An element of Counselling (being listened to)
  2. Hypnosis
  3. Life Coaching

Ultimately I begin by helping people feel listened to. Fierce Listening.

A phrase coined by Jen Pastiloff an American yoga teacher I attended a retreat with, which ultimately changed my life. Quite a statement, but she’s quite extra ordinary.  My ongoing training rewards me with meeting some amazing people on my quest for answers.

Often people in my therapy room voice their issues for the first time.

The issue has been in their head but they’re now ‘vocalising’ the problem to another person, for for the very first time. My skill is to build trust and rapport to allow the problem to be vocalised.

People wrongly assume that they are unique with their dark thoughts. They may feel like the only person who has ever felt like this. They often start by saying ‘It seems a bit silly really…’

As a therapist I help to ‘normalise’ people’s darkest hours, their dark thoughts. It’s a hell of a leveller being a therapist. I hear some extremely sad stories. It’s hugely rewarding when you know you’ve contributed to moving a client forward.

When do you know it’s time address an issue? 

Most of us have got stuck in a rut at some point. Feeling overwhelmed. We often don’t need years of counselling. We just need to be heard. Then we need some magic to be performed. The magic happens when the client is ready.

Readiness for change is key.

As a therapist it’s often not simply down to our skills alone! Though we need to know our stuff, the real result comes from the client being ready to move forward. Ready to listen to the message the therapist gives.

Working in partnership with a therapist the client, when ready, can act on the advice given. Timing is essential as if they’re not ready, they simply don’t hear the message.

The beauty of working with the subconscious mind, is the magical part of hypnotherapy. Like a pleasant day dream working with the power house of imagination that we all possess within the imaginative mindset.

What results should you expect? 

I love awakening and encouraging clients to engage with their child like self once again. It’s a fun place to step into and to begin to inhabit.

Disengaging from the seriousness of life and regaining our humour, and fun loving side. Opening up a closed off heart. Getting energy and flow back.

I get out the tall ladders, just like we seek from a professional roofer, to help fix that leak.

What’s the next stage? 

Life Coaching. When a problem is exposed and exorcised (that’s my view of how hypnosis deals with an issue) then the next step the client needs is direction.

Once a problem is solved, and the client moves forward, there is often a void. They’ve often spent years over thinking an issue and now there’s potentially a huge space that needs to be filled.

We work together to create a new future that is full of potential and positivity. Whatever life throws at us, we all have choice…

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