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As exam season fast approaches, here at Women UK, we speak to ‘Fear and Phobia’ expert Lauren Rosenberg to find out her best tips on how to avoid feeling stressed during exams.

Are you stressed or letting the pressure of exams get to yourself or your child? If you answer yes to any of the questions below, then there is a good chance that you or your child will benefit from reading the rest of this article.

  • Do you suffer from exam pressure?
  • How is your child coping with exam pressure?
  • When you take exams do you feel totally stressed?
  • Does your mind go blank and you can’t think straight?
  • Have you experienced exam stress symptoms such as hand shaking, sweaty, heart beating fast, nausea, sickness?
  • Have you panicked when you sit down to take an exam and all the information you have studied for months has disappeared?Most of us have, at one time or another, been in a situation where you sit down at the desk and open your exam paper, only to realise that all of the information that you’ve been revising for the past few months has disappeared. You start to panic because you’ve completely forgotten a year’s worth of work and all you can do is count down the minutes until the end of the exam.This particular form of stress is known as exam anxiety and some people are more susceptible to it than others. Stress is a natural, healthy bodily response which dates back to prehistoric times when the body prepared itself for fight/freeze or flight state to deal with the threat of being attacked by a wild animal. When an individual is stressed a hormone is released within the body which causes various physiological changes; the heart begins to pump faster in order to supply the body’s muscles with a larger supply of oxygen, blood pressure therefore increases and the body perspires more to prevent over-heating due
    to the body’s increased metabolic rate.

    It also causes a reduction in the activity of the prefrontal cortex. This is where your cognitive thinking takes place and when you are stressed it affects your ability to reason, use logic, problem-solve, remember information, communicate effectively – all in all not ideal when you need to perform well in your exams.

    So the answer is to get yourself into a calm and balanced state so that you not only feel good but so that you can perform to the best of your ability. Luckily there is a way to get rid of exam pressure quickly and effectively that will greatly increase your chances of doing well.

    You can get rid of Exam Pressure Permanently Using EFT will allow you to face the cause of the stress, which is not the exam, and change your attitude about exams automatically. It may feel like the exam is making you feel pressured but it is, in fact, your core subconscious belief about the situation that makes you feel stressed.

    In your past your subconscious has interpreted certain experiences as proof that exam time is a threat. This means that as the exams get closer, your subconscious tells your brain to trigger the fight/freeze or flight state. So in order to change the way you react to exams, you need to change the original record in your subconscious and this is how you do it!

    Changing the Original Record in your Subconscious

    Step One
    Take a deep breath, close your eyes and think of the exams – or a particular exam. In fact, if you have an earlier memory of anxiety around exams, so much the better. Now think about any other times you’ve felt that same anxiety – it may have nothing to do with exams; it may be something completely different, but with the same feeling. Notice how it feels, and notice what’s happening in that memory. Notice where you feel this feeling in your body and how strong it is.

    Step Two
    Using two fingers, gently tap the following meridian points while focusing on the feeling of your fingertips on your skin and saying the phrases.

  • – Between your eyebrows – “I release and let this go”
  • – Beside your eye – “It’s okay to let it go”
  • – Under your eye – “It’s safe to let this go now”
  • – Just below your collarbone – “I don’t need it anymore and I’m okay as I’m letting it go”Step Three
    Grab your wrist, take a deep breath, blow it out and say “Peace”. Now, go think of something peaceful – something that feels good – and enjoy the feeling of that memory for a moment.Step Four
    Go back to the memory of the stress you focused on in Step One, and notice what’s different. Notice if the feeling has changed or moved position in your body. Notice if the intensity is different. Just notice what is left. Also notice any memory or thoughts that come to you – just notice them.

    Step Five
    Repeat Steps Two through Four until you can no longer feel the bad feeling. Keep tapping until any bad feelings and thoughts have been replaced by good ones; and until any memories have changed.
    As you are tapping, you will notice that beliefs that relate to the feeling (the pressure and anxiety) you’re aiming at come up for you. These may be phrases you remember hearing as a child; they may be memories; they may be thoughts. They may be objections and arguments. Whatever they are, just notice them and tap them out. As you do this, you are changing those core subconscious beliefs.

In addition make sure your child eats well and sleep well.

This is one families story of working with EFT:
“My 16 year son had suffered silently for two years with anxiety until it reached breaking point after his GCSEs. I was initially at a loss as to what to do to help him as the GP couldn’t help as the therapy on offer was for 18 year olds or for teens that are in a much darker place than my son. Having read other peoples glowing references about Lauren she was the obvious next step for me.  I knew nothing about EFT but I did know
that she had helped a good friend of mine’s daughter and this friend urged me to take my son to her.”

“He had three sessions where he was given the tools to deal with his anxiety as well as try, as best he could, to identify the cause and then move to a place in his head where he could deal with the negative thoughts and move them on swiftly, leaving him in a happy place.

I cannot believe the change in him over such a short space of time. We had a deadline to achieve this happy place and Lauren got us there. I also liked the fact that the procedure is totally non evasive and that my son can put into practice the tools he has learnt anytime he feels the need. Thank you Lauren!! “

Lauren help’s children and adults conquer their phobias/Anxiety/Stress/Fear such as Fear of Flying, Fear of Spiders, Snakes, Water and Fear of Exams….. In the past they have tried seeing their GP, they have tried strong medication, seen consultants and other professionals but haven’t been able to get the results they want. Lauren can give them the key to conquering their fear which will open up a new episode in their life. This will allow them to enjoy a greater, more enjoyable personal freedom.

If you would like Lauren’s help to get rid of this exam anxiety, please contact her for a free 20 minutes consultation on the phone on 07966 268148 or email her at or visit her website


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