Hayfever And Homeopathy


At last spring has sprung! Sunshine and daffodils are guaranteed to bring a smile to the face, but unfortunately for almost a quarter of us they all too often also bring that summer sledgehammer: hayfever.

Homeopathy offers not only relief, helping ease your suffering without causing side-effects such as drowsiness. With good-quality treatment from a trained homeopathy, it could even stop your hayfever for ever.

Homeopathic remedies, which are natural, non-toxic and non-addictive, are effective because they do not suppress your symptoms, they resolve them. We have over 100 remedies that can conquer the problem, and the homeopath’s task is to find the exact remedy that fits your exact symptoms. Remedies are available in tablet form, and the most appropriate dose to take for hayfever is the 30c potency (maximum six doses daily). Some common remedies include:

Allium cepa: nose runs like a tap, often making your nostrils/upper lip red raw.
Arsenicum album: thin, watery drip from the nose that leaves skin sore. Nasal passages feel constantly blocked, often accompanied by sneezing that brings no relief. Makes you feel restless.
Arundo: hayfever that starts with the telltale signals of burning and itching in the ears and roof of the mouth, then can go on to include conjunctivitis. With sneezing and itchy nose.
Euphrasia: Hayfever that centres on the eyes, which stream with burning tears that leave your eyes sore, red and sensitive. Euphrasia tincture is excellent for bathing and soothing sore or swollen eyes.
Sabadilla: sneezing, sometimes blow-your- head-off strength! Also often with lots of discharge from the nose and eyes – for the unlucky to the extent that the eyelids are red and sore.
Succinum: extreme itchiness. You may also get wheezy, chesty or slightly short of breath.
Lots of sneezing, and the whole respiratory tract is irritated and inflamed.
Wyethia: the textbook hayfever remedy – try if none of the others seem to match yoursymptoms. For classic symptoms, most particularly with itching at the back of the nose and roof of the mouth.

Stop simply managing your hayfever. Go see a homeopath and you could have a snuffle and swollen-free summer.
Sue Leach, Boldre Homeopathic Practice, Boldre, Lymington SO41 8PN.
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