Our Nursery Education is Holding Our Children Back..

Hitting the news today, Women UK are appalled that half of children aged three and four years old are attending nurseries without qualified teachers, a charity has warned.  In 2015/16, more than 280,000 children attended a private, voluntary or independent setting without a teacher who held a degree-level early years qualification working directly with them, according to a report by Save The Children.


Once upon a time, I was pretty sure that although our education system was way from perfect, it was still pretty good. That we had schools that delivered for our children and for the most part we were ahead of the game.

However with today’s news that many of our youngest at nursery school are being taught by those not qualified to do so is really very troubling. As a country we appear to have slipped a very long way down the educational hierarchy and things appear to be getting worse.

Trying to leave politics out of this it does seem that successive governments have treated our education system badly and that we are in danger of slipping from our present C minus down to a D plus. We are one of the richest countries in the world and yet our education system seems to be struggling with political juxtapositions that seem untenable and unsolvable. MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

We are pretty unique in the fact that we are very multicultural which in itself brings its own challenges, but perhaps a way to overcome some of the dreadful lack of morale in the teaching profession and make it the rewarding career that it should and needs to be, we need to have a cohesive, comprehensive and fair system put in place and left as a core to build on.

I am neither advocating a left or right leaning agenda, more of one that can be relied on.

So perhaps during the first five years of base building education, which of course is imperative for our youngest, we can rely on attracting and keeping excellent nursery teachers. When I look at the reports that say we are short by 280,000 of them, I am glad that the turn around problem is not mine but it is an issue that effects us all both now and in the future.

It should be a priority to give the next generation a better chance than we had.


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