Surprising hacks to save hours in the kitchen!


Women UK speak with health and fitness expert Kim Beach. Kim has helped thousands of real women (between ages of 30-55 mainly) achieve incredible results, with some losing and keeping off substantial amounts of weight, to women who now have more energy for their families and/ or their full time demanding jobs, can sleep better, feel better and look better.

As many of Kim’s clients lead busy lives, none of her recipes take more than 15 minutes to make and this is partly due to Kim’s time management kitchen hacks, which include using a sandwich press for everything! Yep even sweet potato! So we asked Kim for her favourite hacks in the kitchen!

  1. Breakfast overnight – Before you brush your teeth and go to bed at night get your breakfast in order. I like to take ½ a cup of oats, rinse them in a colander & drain the excess water. Take a Tupper-wear container or a bowl and pop oats in. Sprinkle cinnamon on top and your choice of milk until oats are just covered. Pop lid on container or cover with cling wrap and refrigerate. These are life changing as in the morning when your running around trying to get the house hold sorted before work all you have to do is open the fridge and voila! Your breakfast is there ready to be eaten. You can top with your choice of fruit, nuts, chia seeds and you can make a few mornings worth in advance. Oats while packed with nutrients and protein have a low glycemic index which can help stabilize your blood sugar levels throughout the day.

2. Sweet Potato – Packed with nutrients like Beta Carotene which is the precursor to Vitamin A, can strengthen your eyesight, boost your immune system and protect against aging. It is also slow releasing into your blood stream keeping your blood sugar levels stable. Every Sunday I get some whole sweet potatoes and I cook them in the oven for 70mins. I let them cool then place in the refrigerator. When I need a quick meal, I cut in half and place in microwave for a minute then top with black beans, tomato and hummus. Dinner sorted!

3. Rice Cooker – These bad boys don’t only cook rice. You can also cook quinoa and steam vegetables in them. To save time I cook a big amount of rice, quinoa or veggies. Let it cool then place in air tight container in the fridge. Then during the week when I need good carbs for my meal I simply heat in the microwave the amount I need to accompany my meal and eat.

4. Sandwich Press – This is my ultimate time saving tool. You can cook everything in it! Chicken, fish, vegetables, haloumi, sweet potato even eggs! Simply grill till cooked. They don’t take look to cook food and are so easy to clean.

We are to these, we can’t wait to try them! For more information about Kim please go to 


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