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Women UK talk to award winning stylist Gay Richardson from Style Me Confident, a graduate of the London College of Fashion and was a founder member of the Association of Stylists and Image Professionals ASIP. Creator of ‘The Wardrobe Diet’ which we all love here at Women UK! We ask her what makes British Fashion challenging!

Gay chaise

 Why does the British climate cause Chaos in your Closet?As the seasons change, and the weather fluctuates daily, the question.  “But surely I should know what to wear?” pops up frequently.

And it’s not just our erratic weather that creates this problem. Why would you know this? You weren’t taught the rules of ‘how to dress’ at school, college or university?

Dressing and styling is like any skill, hobby or profession, it involves the 3 T’s – training, techniques and tricks!

Once you know the three T’s guidelines then you can dress easily every day, whatever the weather or occasion. And it doesn’t matter what age, size or shape you are, everyone can look and feel confident and stylish. When you understand why different styles and colours suit you, you will be able to shop with confidence, knowing you will save time, money and energy (no more sore feet, exasperation or costly mistakes).

Why are us Brits lagging behind our European counterparts on the self-confidence front?

European woman tend to have more of an acceptance of their body shape and ooze confidence because they are happy in their skin and dress to complement themselves.

This is intrinsically linked with self care. We are famously known for our self-deprecation, and although it makes people laugh, we could feel so much more positive about our bodies and ourselves IF we knew how to disguise those parts that cause us grief, and learn how to enhance our best qualities.

Then we would radiate confidence, positivity and be a shining example to those around us – children, friends, relatives.  Sadly the majority of British women don’t feel this level of confidence.

Who do you ask for styling advice?

Styling is an investment with a lifelong return. Think in terms of wearing more of your wardrobe, successful shopping, feeling confident and looking fantastic …..always.

Style Me Confident has recently created The Wardrobe Diet (all of our expertise online) and please click here for more information or to talk to Gay about your styling.




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