Savvy Holiday Packing


Women UK talk to our Fashion guru Gay Richardson from The Wardrobe Diet about getting our suitcase packing right!



Pack up your ‘travels’ in your old kit bag and smile smile smile….. but remember to check it’s not more than 22 kilos!

Holidays….. the packing can be the most stressful part of the holiday so here are some essential top tips and ideas to help you pack so that you will look and feel fabulous and not pay excess baggage fees!

“When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money.” Susan Heller

Packing is a skill and requires careful thought and planning. You feel different on holiday and being comfortable, confident and feeling special are what’s most important;

 Pre- packing tips

Plan ahead – think about what activities you will be doing, how many days/ nights you are staying and the temperatures. Every item should have a specific purpose.

We all have that ‘just in case ‘manic fervor just before we close the case. So do not take items that you have never worn before, because I can guarantee you will not wear them on holiday either…It’s all about co-ordination for your destination. So if you know your ideal colours & styles then it certainly helps the process.

8 top tips for effective case packing  

  • Put shoes and books around the edge of the case. Fill shoes with pants / socks / tights to keep their shape, then wrap in plastic bags
  • Anything jacket-wise turn inside out and put the sleeves inside, so it protects its shape.
  • Roll all clothes as they crease less, and are more compact, then hang everything on arrival and in the heat any creases drop out.
  • You can layer items with tissue paper in between and this eliminates creases too.
  • Use your beach bag as your hand luggage bag and carry make up, anything precious or heavy i.e. jewellery.
  • Take a change of clothes or essentials in case of sickness or ‘lost luggage’.
  • Include socks as your feet may get cold & a pashmina for a pillow or blanket.
  • Don’t forget a good book and a bottle of water.  

What do I  pack so I have everything but not too much   suitcase6548

  • Decide on a colour scheme of 2/3 of your best colours. You can then mix and match creating lots of outfits from just a few items. Try to stick to all the basics in neutrals e.g. white, grey, black, blue then add colour with tops, accessories & pashminas
  • Take 1-2 trousers, a skirt, a maxi dress, a couple of pashminas, shorts then several tops with long & short sleeves, and 2/3 warmer items e.g. cardy, sweatshirt, lightweight jacket.
  • Choose clothes in fabrics that will crease least e.g. jersey, crinkle, cotton with lycra.
  • Minimal shoes – take one pair of flats, one wedges/ high heels and one pair of trainers (for travelling & walking).
  • Wear things for evening first then for day wear – great double use

Happy Holidays!

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